Is “The Power of Positive Thinking” Real? Science says yes…

Have you ever been told to make the best of something?  Or to think positively? 

And you believe this is a personal characteristic of “positive people.”  But, “positive thinking” is actually a learned behavior and a sign of emotional intelligence.  Something anyone can, and should practice and learn.  

Positive Outcomes / Benefits of Happiness 

  • Financial success
  • Supportive Relationships
  • Mental Health
  • Effective Coping
  • Physical Health
  • Increased Longevity

Science actually confirms that happiness opens doors to success – including your career, your finances, your family and your health.  

“Global Life Satisfaction”  

Imagine being satisfied with every aspect of your life, including work, marriage, and family…  and this can be accomplished by simply committing to changing the way you think.  

Life satisfaction and happiness can be achieved through awareness and control of our emotions.  We must recognize and acknowledge those things which bring us joy, common connections and interests, and opportunities.  These are the stepping stones to building the resources that equal global life satisfaction.  

Life circumstances can be either created by us or out of our control – but we can always control our response to those circumstances – through positive thinking.  

Crucial Components of Happiness:

  • Global life satisfaction
  • Coping Resources
  • Positive beliefs about life 
  • Positive Emotions outweigh negative emotions

A Scientific Theory behind this concept is the Broaden-and-Build theory of Positive Emotions – which supports that a positive emotional response is a learned behavior (adaptation to a situation) that evolves over time. 

Positive emotions lead to more creativity, flexibility, more expansive ideas, and increased social opportunities.  

And a negative emotion negatively affects the bodies coping mechanisms, cognition, and attention.   

The Broaden-and-Build theory views “positive emotions and long term growth as part of everyday human functioning, rather than a rare or exceptional state.”

“Prospective and longitudinal studies show that happiness often precedes and predicts positive outcomes, rather than simply resulting from them.”

“Positive emotions forecast valued outcomes like health, wealth, and longevity because they help build the resources to get there.”

It works something like this… Curiosity develops into expert knowledge.  

Or common interests can develop into a long term and supportive relationship.  

The more frequently you experience and/or practice positive emotions, the more improvement you will see in overall well-being.  Your brain is storing resources.  As this habit is developed you will start to see positive changes in all aspects of your life.    

Happier people DO do better in life.  They enjoy their life, but more importantly are happy because have developed the needed personal resources to cope with day to day life.  The result is global life satisfaction.  

The “Power of Positive Thinking” is a REAL and POWERFUL, and it can change your life.