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Nabil Bouassaba


Nabil Bouassaba is a multi-time successful entrepreneur, a Forbes Coaches Council Member who is also a Goleman EICC, an ICF Certified Coach, a member of the American Psychological Association, and a member of the International Leadership Association.


Nabil works in partnerships all over the world to provide access to a variety of resources and knowledge. He collaborates closely with business leaders, educators, and technologists to develop individualized approaches that help organizations achieve their goals of supporting excellence, facilitating learning, and improving performance.



  • President-Elect: ICF Charlotte Chapter and Western Carolinas Sub-chapter
  • Executive Coach: Humanitarian Coaching Network
  • Executive Coach: World Food Program – United Nations
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Tom Hill

Hi, I’m Tom. I live in sunny Scarborough in the UK. I am married to Kate and have 2 children. Molly who is 10 and Toby who is 9. My main passion is sailing. It’s something I’ve done since I was 6 weeks old, although I probably wasn’t much use as crew then!


For the last 10 years I’ve been helping men with their health. Initially in person in the gym and more laterally remotely using behaviour change techniques to give my clients the tools to lose weight but keep it off for life.


I worked with the Institute of Fitness Behaviour Change as their sales and marketing coach, helping other fit pros learn how to speak to their audience, brand their coaching programs and essentially, be able to sell them to their perfect clients.


Alongside my coaching, I am the Sales and Marketing Director of a digital agency where we take brands from having no coherent voice, message or look, to a place where people instantly recognise their brand.

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Steven Wolff, Ph.D.

Carole El Zein Corbanese

Carole El Zein Corbanese


According to recent findings from the field of neurology pertaining to effective coaching, coaching and being coached properly both contribute to favorable outcomes, as well as respect and gratifying rewards. The more we give advice and guidance to other people, the more dopamine our bodies produce, and dopamine is a vital hormone that is produced in our brains whenever we are able to assist another person in enhancing their capabilities or performance.

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