Ai Will never Replace a Coach... But A Coach Using Ai Will.

The 21st Century Platform For Professional Coaching

Empower your coaching business with technology

Join a community of national
and international coaches

Our user-friendly platform empowers you to maintain your coaching business in one place, allowing you to maximize your potential while assisting your clients with their daily challenges. 

Build your own content

Deep Analysis

Ai will provide you with in-depth analysis whenever a customer completes one of your assignments. Drive your coaching with data.


Easy Upload

Help your clients by sharing your knowledge. Embed inspirational videos and upload as many resources as you want. Create assignments in a matter of seconds.

Ai 4 Ei analysis

Track Performance

Share evidence that your clients are making progress toward their coaching objectives. Use comprehensive charts to measure progress.

Save time for things that
really matter... Coaching!

Read between the lines and grasp the intent aptly. Go straight to where the client needs help. 

Empower Your Client

Streamline interactions from broad patterns to individual journeys

Coach Anytime Anywhere

Coach in hybrid environments, assign tasks, collect data along with deep analysis

Your Brand, Your Business

Customize Ai 4 Ei with your company brand. We are your partners, you are the solution owner

Result Based

Track your client's progress, monitor their performance and help them achieve their goals

Partnerships for authentic experiences.

Great resources

This site is full of resources that I have begun to use to support my clients, from assessents to learning modules, all easy to access and great quality. Author Leading with Emotiional Intelligence.

Dr. Relly Nadler
Dr. Relly Nadler
True North Leadership, Inc