Rupali Sahai, PCC.

About Me

Rupali Sahai
Executive Coach

Over 18 years of relevant experience in Human Resources, Education, training and Development. My strengths being high Emotional Intelligence Quotient, Psychometric testing, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), effective communication skills, I connect with people effortlessly. Having worked with multiple nationalities during my career, my way of working is very culturally sensitive and tactful. In addition to varied HR roles (recruitment, talent acquisition & management) have also trained, coached and mentored extensively using positive psychology techniques.


Coaching and mentoring in UAE
Each member of our human resource brings a set off skills to the table. However, when coached/mentored effectively they realize their true potential and inch towards sustainable progress. Such people make successful teams which in turn means more revenue for the organization. I connect with people very effortlessly. To manage people and help them to find success has always been my key strength and motivating force
There are innumerable types of psyches and belief/value systems out there, resulting from different cultures, communities, ethnicity, family environment etc. I love working with people. Helping them realize their potential or pushing their limits, gives me a high. Being a catalyst of a positive change in a person’s life is, the motivating force behind each day of work that I put in.