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Welcome to Ai 4 Ei, the revolutionary self-coaching software, that is packed with science-based exercises and offers an Ai powered coach to guide you through your journey of self-improvement.

Ai 4 Ei enables you to analyze your skills and emotions, providing you with valuable insights that can help you grow and evolve. Our cutting-edge technology teams up with our ICF certified coaches to provide you with the best experience possible, tailored to your unique needs and goals.

Science-based practice

Ai 4 Ei utilizes a variety of tools and techniques, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, mindfulness meditation, and positive psychology interventions, to provide a personalized coaching experience. Through regular assessments, the software tracks progress and provides insights to help individuals stay motivated and on track towards their goals.

ai-powered coach

The AI coach in the self-coaching software is trained on a vast amount of data, including scientific research and user behavior, to understand individual needs and provide tailored recommendations. Through natural language processing and sentiment analysis, the AI coach can analyze individual’s language, tone, and emotions to provide empathetic and personalized responses.

Ai 4 Ei dashboard
performance Analysis

Tracking progress can be a powerful motivator, as it allows coachees to see how far they have come and celebrate their successes. This sense of progress and accomplishment can help keep coachees engaged and motivated to continue working towards their goals.

Human wisdom

We believe that human and machines working as a team will help you achieve in a short time what only humans or machines can do for years.

Ai 4 Ei offers both in-depth analysis and expert insights from ICF certified coaches. 

About The Founder

Nabil Bouassaba Forbes

Nabil Bouassaba

Nabil’s success as an entrepreneur is demonstrated through his numerous thriving ventures, where he has gained a reputation as an adept leader and coach. His expertise in coaching, recognized by his membership in the Forbes Coaches Council and ICF certification, has enabled him to build successful businesses and assist other entrepreneurs in achieving their own accomplishments.


Nabil’s dedication to self-improvement is further exemplified by his completion of the Goleman Emotional Intelligence Certification Program. This program hones skills related to emotional intelligence, including empathy, self-awareness, and communication, which are essential for effective leadership. 


Moreover, Nabil’s membership in The American Psychological Association and The International Leadership Association underscores his commitment to staying informed about developments in his field. These professional associations offer access to the latest research, trends, and best practices, enabling Nabil to provide his clients with the most current guidance and support.


Nabil’s advocacy for the potential of positive technology is also noteworthy, as he has partnered with prominent tech companies and governments to implement smart learning programs in the education sector. This reflects his commitment to making a positive impact on the world and utilizing his skills and expertise to drive meaningful change.

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designed with COACHES in mind

Are you a coach? Wear the coaching hat with confidence. Ai 4 Ei is designed to help you build authority.

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Ai 4 Emotional Intelligence
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